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For German courses with a national visa

and also for our intensive courses:

VISA SERVICE is worth booking!

  • We check your chances before you apply
  • Boost your chances (we have a 99% success rate)
  • Visa extension in Germany
  • Better preparation - better results
  • Communication with public authorities and institutions


  • Visa Services “all inclusive” includes: (A detailed consultation and development of the best strategy, documentation check, motivation letters, curriculum vitae, invitation, applications, consultation, assistance with different types of difficulties, medical insurance, accommodation and registration, extension + a flexible start of our courses during long waiting times) - WE RECOMMEND! ONLY 550 EUROS!
  • A proof of financial resources is necessary! We can help you open a bank account in Germany - 50 euros
  • Admission to a German university - 350 euros + University fees. In many countries without an admission your visa application is rejected!
  • Recognition of qualifications - from 250 euros. This helps your visa application process.
  • A good motivation letter makes an entry possible! A bad motivation letter is the number one reason for visa rejection! - 150 euros
  • Proof of accommodation: We support you in apartment search - 150 euros, rent from 400 euros / month
  • Do you want to get your documents as fast as possible? Our DHL Express Service will deliver your documents in 1-4 days, from 85 euros (without guarantee).
  • We improve your application documents for Germany and increase your job chances (translation & proofreading) - 150 euros
  • If the German Embassy requires an A1 level of German language proficiency - your solution is our Online German Course at HEADLINER - from 350 euros
  • We provide certified translations of your certificates. A German translation and certification is necessary for engineers and doctors!
  • What to do after the course? We help you find the right University and apprenticeship and help with all the paperwork. - from 600 euros



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