Are you planning to come to Germany for training or work purposes? Remotely, it is difficult to estimate the costs and risks of such a plan. It is crucial to know how the German education system and the German legislation work in order to be able to assess all costs and possible problems. Many private agencies, as well as employment agencies that offer consultation services, often cannot or do not want to provide the information that is necessary and appropriate for you. We help you plan your training and educational journey properly and save thousands of euros.


Find out if it's possible to arrange your departure and training faster, safer and cheaper!

1. Complete the form for a free consultation and attach your diploma.

2. Schedule a free consultation with one of our staff.

3. Receive a letter from us informing you of the costs that you can save, without loss of time or quality.



This service is free of charge. You get a clear answer to the question as to whether you are accurately planning, particularly your concrete cost calculations.


Who comes to Germany quickly learns to plan time, money and effort!

Our experience shows that the most common causes why foreign students fail and dropout are - on the one hand, inadequate calculations of financial resources; on the other hand, lack of diligent planning in the first year of residence in Germany.


We look back on 10 years of successful work in the education market in Germany

and therefore, we provide our customers with an individual education or immigration program, based on our in-depth analysis and planning.


Do not save on Quality!

Do not save on quality when it comes to your career development and your life in a new country!

Remember, saving on lessons quality ultimately limits your personal development and future. With perfect timing, well-planned actions and correct order of steps, you save hundreds and thousands of euros. At the same time, you study at the best schools and universities and achieve successful results much faster than people who planned their intentions poorly.



• effective exam preparation programs

• professional language training

• new, attractive ideas for your career

• curricula and job opportunities according to qualifications

• long-term solutions to visa problems

• smart resource planning

• achieve goals and earn money as fast as possible

• financial aid program in the form of scholarships and grants rather than unemployment benefits



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